Interested parties looking to purchase some of the products we offer for use should please contact an authorized Custom Business Mat dealer. We work with dealers and distributers directly and have put together CustomBusinessMats.com as a resource for both sellers and clients to get all the information they need to take branding to the next level.

While choosing the right mat can seem like a tough decision we have plenty of tools to make the job easier. On the Home Page check out the bestseller showcase. Industry standards that are uniquely customized to your needs. Or utilize The Mat Selector tool to browse floorplans and generate ideas. Finally, we’ve got a pretty great How-To guide that can show you what custom floor mat to pick and where to put it.

The short answer is literally just about anywhere there is a floor. The more involved answer would be floor mats can be placed in entryways, hallways, lobbies, offices, conference rooms, serving stations, kiosks… yea, just about anywhere. Use The Mat Selector to help.

Custom logo floor mats are essentially divided first by the indoor / outdoor choice and then by objective or purpose. Is the mat a long-term branding opportunity? Is it a shorter term promotional opportunity? Is the mat a custom one-off piece or are we making thousands of them as giveaways? Your authorized Custom Business Mats dealer can help you through all these questions to address the differences in custom logo mats and find the right one for you.

#BecauseBranding Custom Logo Floor Mats are one of the best ways to drive extra branding, awareness, and promotion for your products or business. Small businesses and companies can use custom logo mats to differentiate from the competition and find cost effective branding solutions. Large companies can extend reach and salience through large-scale campaigns. Other entities find great value across the spectrum. If you have a mat, or a mat rental agreement, why wouldn’t you want your logo prominently displayed instead of… not?

A loaded question really but overall we at Custom Business Mats feel companies get their best returns on custom logo floor mats. Every bit as durable. Even more affordable. Completely customizable.

Custom Business Mats is a supplier of high-quality branded flooring solutions. Our products meet or exceed just about every standard there is and we don’t care who knows it (because that is a good thing). Find an authorized CBM dealer to take your branding to the next level.