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Choosing a custom logo floor mat shouldn’t be difficult but there are a few key criteria that need to be considered. Location, primary purpose, size, and type will all drive the decision. This guide, though not exhaustive, helps put the right mat for the job in the right location.

The right tool for the right job. – True Temper Tools Ad circa 1907

How to Choose a Mat

Custom logo mat sizing can be as much art as it is science. Hence the beauty of being CUSTOM. Depending on need, use, and budget there are an almost unlimited number of options available. Even standard sizes are anything but “standard.”

Standard sizes are traditional but not typical. Single and double door building entry points have fairly universal sizing making mats 3 feet to 4 feet wide for a single door and 5 feet to 6 feet wide for a double door ideal. Interested in rolling out the red (or whatever custom color you want) carpet for your clients and guests? Dye a clean and simple logo into the middle of a 6 foot by 10 foot logo mat. Need to brand an entryway? Place a more conventional rectangle or square mat near the door in widths just smaller or larger than the door itself. Should a custom logo floor mat be chosen as a centerpiece unique shapes, cuts, and sizes are all possible. Cut the edge of a square 8 foot by 8 foot custom – not a problem. Arc a mat around a revolving door in the lobby – done. Stretch a 3 foot wide by 30 foot long runner down a hall – it can be accomplished.

For more help in choosing a custom logo mat by size use the convenient Mat Sizing Chart

There are three overarching uses for floor mats: Function, Promotion, or Both.

Function refers to the use of floor mats on a task-based scale. Jobs like stopping water from encroaching on the fixed carpets, removing dirt from shoes before it can infiltrate the interior of the building, and improving traction on slippery surfaces all fall on to this list. A plain floor mat fulfills this function and a custom logo floor mat may not be necessary.

Promotional and branding value as the overall targeted use brings a different set of criteria. Consider intricate enameled graphics on permanent flooring or promotional floor graphics near a retail display as examples. These, potentially, do not require as many of the functional benefits of custom logo floor mats.

The reality is offices, businesses, warehouses, houses of worship, and stores, really any place with a floor, can use both function and promotion. There is no need to sacrifice one for the other. When the investment is going to be made, invest in the branding value on top of the physical value.

Of the many ways to choose a custom logo floor mat perhaps the most important is location. Different custom floor mats have different applications and it is very important to note the best uses of each. There are the major areas: indoor, outdoor, and outdoor-covered. And there are the specific areas: exterior entryways, interior entryways, hallways, lobbies, and the like. All are excellent candidates for custom logo floor mats.


Exterior entryways are the predominant function for outdoor mats. Select a mat that can weather the weather and look great doing it such as a berber-style Brand Ambassador. For a more unique setup select a custom mat with a great look and water drainage like the Brand Envoy. Need a more industrial look? Choose the scraper type Logo Emissary mat made of heavy-duty rubber offering a rough and rigid shell capable of enduring even the harshest elements.


In general, an area that is outdoors with overhead cover may support either an indoor entry mat or an outdoor custom logo floor mat. These entrance areas may have some elemental exposure but they are not completely open to being waterlogged.


Options aplenty exist for indoor custom logo mats. Interior entries like doors and lobbies are well served by a logo bearing Brand Diplomat. Small businesses benefit when employing the dyed carpet of the Brand Champion for promotion and awareness. And clients can never go wrong when choosing the Brand Representative with its beautiful full color graphics.

Moving further into a property affords even more opportunity for branding with custom logo floor mats. Area branding is simple with full color rubber graphics mats like the High-Resolution Messenger Mat. For a point of purchase spectacular look no further than the Brand Advocate and there’s no better short term branding option that The Marketing Master

For more help in choosing a custom logo mat by location use the convenient Mat Selector

Custom logo floor mats, indeed custom logo mats in general, do a great service on a number of levels. Since the type and use of mats generally go hand-in-hand it often makes sense to discuss these choices as one. Types of floor mats range from carpet to solid rubber and uses can be anything from short-term promotional to mainstay and legacy branding. It is important to select the right tool for the right job.


Walk-off custom logo floor mats are appropriately named as a primary function is allowing pedestrians to “walk” dirt and wetness “off” their shoes. A “cut pile” refers to the fact that each strand of carpet is independent at the top having been shaved to remove loops and create an overall evenness. Walk-off cut pile custom logo mats are great for a variety of uses and are popular for interior entryway and hallway use because of DUR-ability and DYE-ability.


Looped pile carpets are similar to cut pile carpets except for the fact that they are not cut down or sheared and the loops of the carpet fibers remain intact. The loops in a berber-style custom logo mat are tightly weaved and as such with high-quality berber custom mats they are exceptionally durable. Berber custom mats are used for inlaid graphics and designs and not generally dyed. Berber, looped, floor mats also differ from cut pile mats by being a bit more rigid allowing for a marginally tougher texture that improves the scraping effect of the mat.


Olefin carpets are made of synthetic fibers making them fairly cost effective and with an added bonus of being somewhat water repellent. The trade-off to the fact that the fibers don’t like to absorb water is that olefin carpets are slightly less durable than other natural fibers. Olefin custom logo mats that are dyed stand up fairly well to the elements but are more useful in shorter term, lower traffic environments because the fibers tend to lack resiliency and over time compress down.

A flocked olefin mat you say? In all but the rarest case these mats make little sense for modern day branding and promotional use. We, the people, don’t recommend it. What? It needed to be said!


Short pile carpet refers to, wait for it, the height of the carpet on the custom logo floor mat. Short piles of about one-quarter inch (1/4”) are very effective in maintaining the accuracy and sharpness of dyed designs in custom logo mats because they don’t have the degrees of freedom that longer piles have. Short pile heights for custom mats, cut short pile custom logo floor mats specifically, are ideal for most branding and advertising opportunities.


Medium height carpets range from between one quarter of an inch (1/4”) to one-half of an inch (1/2”) while high pile heights essentially go beyond one-half (1/2”) of an inch. Shag anyone? These carpet heights do not lend themselves to sharp in-focus graphics during the dyeing process and generally are not used. For higher pile heights, thicker or more plush custom logo mats a berber-style mat is recommended.


If you can imagine the difference between a bright green pine tree and one with snow covering it during the holidays, maybe a snow covered tree INDOORS with presents all tucked underneath… that is flocking. Flocked logo mats are an older style of adding area branding and promotional messages that is known for being extremely simple and until recently the lowest cost form of advertising. It has many drawbacks though, and those are addressed here (LINK TO BLOG POST).


A Full color custom graphic logo mat is the standard bearer of floor branding. Crisp, sharp details can literally transform an area and in addition to the moisture and dirt removing properties of its walk-off nature. Short pile, olefin, woven, needle-punch… it can all be dyed.


Inlaid custom logo mats blend a number of the best qualities of different mats into one. The design is hand-laid into the rug by laser cutting the elements out of multiple carpets or different colors and sewing them together. These custom floor mats can be made to any size specification, custom cut to fit exact dimensions and are among the most durable custom mats available. The best part: Inlaid work on the berber-style carpet demonstrates attention to detail, high-quality and good craftsmanship. Everything you want you brand to be.

Other How To Guides

Everyone wants to get it just right for a client. There should be no question about that. The well-intentioned manufacturing personnel, the distributor, the frontline account executive. They are all working to make the product exactly as the client wants it. Clients can expedite and improve the efficiency of the custom logo floor mat ordering process by understanding and implementing a few simple guidelines.

Tips for art submission and proofing

  1. Have and use high-resolution art. Even though it may have been some time since the creation of that logo and the last time you saw your art file, having control of that art is very important.
  2. Have and use high-resolution art. Sound familiar? To expand on tip #1 for custom floor mat ordering it is ideal to use files that are vector based when possible.
  3. Vector files, mathematical and graphical images that connect color between points, are preferred for custom logo mats because they can be altered to any size and maintain sharpness. Vector art files are generally in a format of .AI, .EPS, or even .PDF as these are compatible with graphic design software like Adobe Illustrator.
  4. Retain the rights to the design or logo intended for the custom mat. If the intellectual property of, for example, a professional sports team or well-known brand can’t be proven as yours it is better to get clarification on its use or risk trademark or copyright infringement.
There are several resources available online regarding art and art submission.

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For buying questions, please note we work with authorized dealers and retailers who would love to work with you. There’s a bit more information over on the How to Buy page so please feel free to check it out.

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