An Elegant Element For Point of Purchase

Product Information

The Brand Champion Tech Logo Mat™ offers high promotional value in a quality custom logo mat. Stamp your logo or message on a unique design to meet every promotional and advertising challenge you have. Evergreen messages, general informational content, campaign specific content or product information: this custom logo mat is great for it all. The Brand Champion becomes a centerpiece of conversation at points of purchase, in showrooms, and at trade shows almost immediately.

Yes, even though it is beautiful and made of high-quality materials it is still extremely durable. The floor mat graphics are dyed in the carpet providing unmatched lifecycles. The textiles are commercial grade and ready for anything. Simple care and maintenance will keep the Brand Champion looking great longer than you ever thought it would.


  • Sturdy Olefin Carpet
  • Dye In Design-Image Technology (DID-IT)™
  • Virtually Velcro Vinyl (V3) Backing™
  • Minimal Maintenance and Easy-To-Clean (MME2C)™
  • Sewn Edge Border
  • Walk-Off Carpet Style
  • Medium Traffic Ready

Ideal Uses

  • Entry Ways
  • Lobbies
  • Conference Rooms
  • Executive Offices
  • Professional Office Buildings
  • Visitor Centers
  • Moderate – High Traffic Areas
  • High Visibility Areas
  • Entrance Mat
  • Business or Storefront Entry

Care & Maintenance for Best Results:

  • Incorporate into typical vacuum routine
  • Weekly carpet cleaning
  • Traditionally laundered
  • Indoor

  • Outdoor Covered

  • Outdoor

  • Point Of Purchase

  • Special Use

Custom Business Mats is a supplier of high-quality branded flooring solutions. Our products meet or exceed just about every standard there is and we don’t care who knows it (because that is a good thing). Find an authorized CBM dealer to take your branding to the next level.