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The Brand Diplomat Floor Mat

The Brand Diplomat is a noticeable and effective communicator of your message, logo, or brand. It is a carpet custom mat that is dyed to exact specifications and treated with special sealants to keep it looking great for years.

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The Brand Ambassador Floor Mat

The Brand Ambassador is as durable as they come while maintaining a high-luxury look. It can be placed indoor, outdoor, in entryways, or even executive offices. Great for years this mat is inlaid with intricate custom logos to suit.

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Hi Res Messenger Mat

Choose promotional content to be displayed on a vibrant and color-filled palate, whether short-term advertising or more lasting branding. The Hi-Res Messenger Mat™ can handle it all. These custom logo mats are laminated to simplify cleaning and can be placed anywhere indoors you need high-resolution full-bleed graphics

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Branding Edge Floor Graphics

Branding Edge Floor Graphics™ turn floors and carpet into messaging opportunities on all levels. Create beautiful graphics at your point of purchase, highlight a promotional display, or influence traffic patterns within your business. These graphics adhere to the floor and offer a non-skid surface perfect for prioritized messaging.

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Please, explore our informational section to learn more about custom logo floor mats. You should find information that is helpful as far as placement, use, and common questions associated with custom mats. When you are ready for more information click on the item and the link will take you to our mat selector. Ready to order? Contact an authorized dealer as they are always ready to help! Interested in helping clients meet their branding needs? Request consideration to become an authorized dealer here

Store Fronts

Everyday businesses find opportunity in their plain flooring to integrate custom logo floor mats into their branding.


Use custom logo mats to improve brand ambassadorship, protect work areas, and improve efficiency. Custom floor mats are great to use on every entrance at a warehouse or manufacturing facility.

Government Buildings

You’ll find a custom logo floor mat in government buildings all over the world. Court houses, county buildings, police stations, fire stations, military headquarters, public works… the list of government buildings using custom business mats is endless.

Corporate Buildings

Corporate Offices are in perhaps the greatest need of a cohesive and unified brand presence. Often unable to truly customize the entire building branding opportunities with custom business mats abound when utilizing the square footage on the floor.


In schools custom logo floor mats might find the greatest split between the roles of branding and functionality. Allow students and faculty to show school pride step-by-step while keeping the floors clean with scraping and walk-off technology.

Houses of Worship

Yes, churches, synagogues, mosques, worship centers, and just about every other house of worship should have logo floor mats. They can identify meeting areas, direct traffic, spread the good word and offer support.

Hotels and Resorts

Hotels, motels, and resorts are always looking for ways to stand out and can do so with custom logo floor mats. Lobbies and common areas are great locations to display the brand and make an impact.

Executive Offices

Show the visitors to your office the pride you feel with a custom logo floor mat. With one of the more elegant options a custom logo mat will transform your workspace into a home away from home.

Small Business

Use custom business mats for logo and brand promotion outside of the building in places where foot traffic is prevalent. Scraper style, looped, and berber style custom mats are ideal for application exterior to the building.


Use custom business mats for logo and brand promotion outside of the building in places where foot traffic is prevalent. Scraper style, looped, and berber style custom mats are ideal for application exterior to the building.


Another great opportunity for branding is immediately inside the entrance of your building. Place a custom logo floor mat in the entry of your building and you’ll immediately see the difference.

Point of Purchase

Establish your marketing message through impactful branding by adding custom logo floor mats at the point of purchase.

Automated Computer Dying

Similar to the way in which an ink or laser jet printer precisely lays ink down on paper a large scale carpet printer does the same. These printers produce photo quality graphics and the custom logo mat designs are cured into carpet fiber to ensure long lasting brilliance.


When a custom logo mat is inlaid two or more pieces of carpet are laser cut to exact specifications and merged by hand to create a beautiful and durable custom mat. Often a custom inlaid mat is done with berber style carpet but other materials are possible.


Dye sublimation is a heat transfer process in which computers print graphics onto specially created paper that is laid over tightly bound mats. Through a combination of heat and pressure the graphics are transposed onto the mat surface creating a attractive custom logo designs.

Custom Business Mats is a supplier of high-quality branded flooring solutions. Our products meet or exceed just about every standard there is and we don’t care who knows it (because that is a good thing). Find an authorized CBM dealer to take your branding to the next level.